Netflix & Declutter

Stuck at Home?

As restrictions continue to ramp up in order to flatten the curve on the coronavirus spread, more and more Australians are now staying at home, whether continuing to work or otherwise.

With some additional downtime on our hands, it might be tempting to catch up on a few seasons (read: binge watch) on Netflix or Stan but this could otherwise be a golden opportunity to address those items around the home that we just never get to. Not only will this hopefully put a bit more spring in your step (achievement goals!) but it could also put more value in your home – particularly important if you are looking to sell this year.

Home extensions and electrical work are NOT something you should be looking to take on (unless suitably qualified of course) but there are plenty of odd jobs that can be done to improve the presentation and condition of your property (not all of which require a trip to Bunnings).

Lawns and gardens should be your first port of call, helping you get some Vitamin D while maintaining your social distancing. Trim unruly hedges and bushes, get the mowing in-line while we have some sunshine and try and tackle that sensitive weed. Nothing too complicated but a starting point on your home’s first impression. Next, look to paths, driveway, fencing and roof for a pressure clean to turn a few hours work into a sometimes dramatic difference.

Inside, what you take OUT can add as much value as what you put IN, so start looking around at what you don’t use or need and start planning on how to give those things new life elsewhere. A good declutter can not only help with your mental clarity but also show you (and an eventual buyer) just how much space your home really does have to offer.

Moving down the line, one tool most of us can use is a paintbrush, and now could be the perfect time to address the canary yellow feature wall to provide a more modern, neutral palette. Choose light colours over dark, and be careful with feature walls as these can polarise. Depending on your handyman(or woman) skills, new silicon in wet areas can also be a quick but helpful update.

Make sure to document these changes as you go too – not only will it help your agent in their later assessment, its also nice to remember there are opportunities even in challenges.