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Keeping it in Perspective

Unwelcome, but not Unexpected

A lot of interest in Interest Rates

Whether its next week or in June post Federal Election.....

Hopping into Easter

How good has it been to finally see restaurants packed, streets full of people and some real activity happening across the CBD and shops again?

A Helping Hand on to (or back on) the Property Ladder

Affordability and availability have become the two biggest factors

Marketing your property is still worth the extra effort

Love it or hate it, when you are buying property, the major property portals such as and Domain are going to be your first ports of call, more times than not.

Invest in Functional Property Features

At the end of each lease term, a property owner can request for a comparative market analysis to be conducted to determine the appropriate rent level, and ensure they get the best market rate.

Supply and Demand Remains the Important Equation

When the discussion of property in Australia comes up and figures for growth are shared and compared

Competition is Key to Affordability (In Insurance)


Who Does What, When Things Go Wrong

The floods through southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales this last week have represented a huge impact in an area just starting to get past the majority of COVID impacts.

Leveraging Up

A few weeks ago, I handled a sale that for me ticked every box for the change in market we have seen over the past couple of years, and last 12 months in particular.

Interest(ing) Moves By The RBA

Last week the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to hold the official interest rate at an historically low 0.1%

House prices through the roof?

Depends how high you were to start….

A mid-week break, but a busy start

Expect delays, but look positive

Get in early!

Welcome back readers!

A socially distanced, mask-wearing welcome but a welcome nonetheless as we enter a 2022 that is already doing its best to snare headlines.

Ladies and gentleman, this is just about it for the property market in 2021, as the very last properties go live this week before the much anticipated Christmas and New Year break.

A Final Rush to the Finish

And just like that, its December.

Time is of the Essence, seriously.

Much has been made in the media this week of a case of a young couple buying a home in Brisbane that, through apparently no fault of their own, forfeited a $75,000 deposit on their dream home.

Not the time to be cheeky

Think back 18 months ago (or near enough to it), when COVID first entered the Australian psyche, people were worried about what could happen next and the property market hit what felt like a full stop, with fears of a freefall.

Staying “Available” in a Hot Market

Is it still available?

Get your garden in gear

Outside of a fresh coat of paint and some modern lighting, there are few things you can do to your home that will do more to the value, for less of a budget than good gardening.

Farewell price tag?

If you are a buyer in this market, you might think (fairly!) that property, in particular the right property, is a rare commodity.

Time to be Alarmed

If you have an investment property in QLD, then no doubt you’re sick of hearing it by now...

What’s Your Motivation?

I had an interesting question posed to me this week – why should I sell, only to then pay more to get back into the market?

The Heat is On

Summer is well and truly upon us, with a very sneaky weather change from cool Cairns winter to scorching days almost overnight.

An outside perspective on Cairns

An inspection not to miss

If there is one inspection that remains critical for a buyer, even in a world where there’s a growing trend of buying sight-unseen – it’s the pre-settlement inspection.

Getting it Right the First Time

Entry Condition Reports – they’re not much fun to read, let alone write! But you know what’s even less fun?

Finding new benchmarks

What is the new price of your home?

We’ve dodged a bullet, but keep the vest on for now

If there was ever a time to be excited about empty streets and closed shopfronts it was earlier this week as Cairns entered its first lockdown since March & April last year.

Making the call before auction day

Price guides could offer a helping hand

“Terminating without Grounds” has good legs to stand on.

Rental Reform in QLD is once again a hot topic, particularly in light of the ongoing surges in the rental market and a seemingly never ending demand for housing.

Don’t mess around with multiple offers

“I don’t want to miss out again, I have been looking for 6 months and every time I find “the one” there is always a higher offer!”

Stamp Duty vs Land Tax

While its easy to say taxes are bad, they are an absolute necessity if we would like to keep the lights on, hospitals open, schools running and every other service we take for granted operating.

Moving fast to go slow

As the market continues to move, there is a lot more time going in to preparing a property for sale than there is in the actual active on-market sale process.

More Positives than Negatives for Investors

With a combination of both record low interest rates and rising rents, properties are increasingly offering a positive position from day one.

Something to get excited about

I have developed an absolute LOVE of what I do, that thankfully still gets me excited to come to work in the morning, and to finally click SEND on a proposal well after I should have probably gone home for the night.

When downsizing makes sense

In a market where tight housing supply is driving record prices across many suburbs but units continue to lag behind, a unique opportunity is emerging for those ready to “right size” from a full size house to an apartment in Cairns

Property and the Budget

On the housing front, more money has been put behind getting people into their first homes, with a further 10,000 places to be released per year for the successful First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.

A Big Welcome Back

Real Estate Institute of Queensland Zone events to resume in Cairns again

There is still reason to work at it

With buyers emotional in their purchases and FOMO running rampant, why wouldn’t you lean even more into ensuring your property tugs every one of those emotional heartstrings?

Getting the Edge in Renting

With tenancy applications flying thick and fast for virtually every reasonably priced property, what’s a tenant to do?

It's Worth Being Certain

When it comes to making (or receiving) an offer, the vast majority of contracts dealt with, will have some level of uncertainty attached to them by way of contract conditions.

A Week to Remember

HomeBuilder and JobKeeper to run dry

Something’s got to give

1% vacancy across long term rentals

The Difference a Year Makes

12 months and a week ago, the (real estate) world had the look of running into that same Post-GFC nightmare, and it looked SCARY.

Class is cancelled but real estate goes on

While this might be fun for kids getting a day home from school, for those selling their home (or just trying to get their properties to market), it can be a trying time!

The Countdown is on for Homebuilder

You have just 4 weeks to get the build contract finalised and ready!

As things change

Have another think about that one street over

A good market

Don't let the market be an excuse for not marketing

Buying off the plan

is becoming popular in Cairns

Property Management

A teaspoon of prevention

Changing your Home

but not your address

Back to work

with a brolly

Breathing Space

for homebuilder

As 2020 Wraps up

where to next?

Adapting to a Changing World

but at least its exciting!

Moving in the right direction

For Banks

not all money looks the same

Positive Signs Continue

expect to see more changes as QLD opens up

A contract under the tree for Christmas

time is well and truly running away from us, especially when it comes to property.

Make it personal

but don't take it personally

What if

Land Ahoy

It's been just over 90 days since Homebuilder

When is the Value, not the Value?

replacement value and market value

Accessing Super

Not so Super for Some

Risks and Rewards

It's all down to timing

Time is of the essence


It's a changing world

but the market charges on

Move Quickly

but be prepared

Happy (?) New Financial Year

Turbulent past 6 months

Happy to call Cairns Home

Reminding ourselves why we make Cairns Home

Looking for Land?

You won't be the only one...

Going Hard and Fast

Buyers seem to be out in greater numbers

Balancing Supply & Demand

Property volumes are improving

Cautiously Optimistic

We've now seen the first relaxation of social distancing measures

Keeping balance when things go Topsy Turvy

Government has put forward a raft of proposed changes to residential tenancies

Taking the Air our of AirBnB

We are now seeing a reversal as AirBnB properties move back to long term rentals

Netflix & Declutter

Stuck at Home?

No Opens, but still Open for Business

what a difference a week can make

Keeping the Doors Open with Open Homes

Keeping the Doors Open with Open Homes

Adding Net Value

adding value with rennovations

Playing the Waiting Game

Made an offer on a property and have not heard back from the agent - don't panic!

That first step made a little easier

Federal Government’s First Home Buyer Deposit Guarantee scheme

Yearly Wrap Up


Are you one of the 1%

1% Vacancy Rates being reported among property managers in Cairns

Rental Reform Requires Reflection

Proposed rental reforms to change the shape of property investment

Effective Advertising and Your Home


More money for your money