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Make it personal

but don't take it personally

What if

Land Ahoy

It's been just over 90 days since Homebuilder

When is the Value, not the Value?

replacement value and market value

Accessing Super

Not so Super for Some

Risks and Rewards

It's all down to timing

Time is of the essence


It's a changing world

but the market charges on

Move Quickly

but be prepared

Happy (?) New Financial Year

Turbulent past 6 months

Happy to call Cairns Home

Reminding ourselves why we make Cairns Home

Looking for Land?

You won't be the only one...

Going Hard and Fast

Buyers seem to be out in greater numbers

Balancing Supply & Demand

Property volumes are improving

Cautiously Optimistic

We've now seen the first relaxation of social distancing measures

Keeping balance when things go Topsy Turvy

Government has put forward a raft of proposed changes to residential tenancies

Taking the Air our of AirBnB

We are now seeing a reversal as AirBnB properties move back to long term rentals

Netflix & Declutter

Stuck at Home?

No Opens, but still Open for Business

what a difference a week can make

Keeping the Doors Open with Open Homes

Keeping the Doors Open with Open Homes

Adding Net Value

adding value with rennovations

Playing the Waiting Game

Made an offer on a property and have not heard back from the agent - don't panic!

That first step made a little easier

Federal Government’s First Home Buyer Deposit Guarantee scheme

Yearly Wrap Up


Are you one of the 1%

1% Vacancy Rates being reported among property managers in Cairns

Rental Reform Requires Reflection

Proposed rental reforms to change the shape of property investment

Effective Advertising and Your Home


More money for your money