We’ve dodged a bullet, but keep the vest on for now

If there was ever a time to be excited about empty streets and closed shopfronts it was earlier this week as Cairns entered its first lockdown since March & April last year.

While it looked like things could get hairy, we’ve (touch wood) gotten through this one better than most and can slowly get back to our COVID normal for FNQ – which remains enviable for those living just about anywhere else on the East Coast. Short, sharp and effective is a much preferred alternative to the months long lockdowns seen in Melbourne and now Sydney.

With many agents operating from their mobile as it is, and offices already prepped, there hasn’t been too much inconvenience to property dealings, with the exception of course being physical viewings. Given the relative brevity of the lockdown, we saw many buyers opting to delay their inspections until the all-clear was given rather than take on limited 2 person inspections (inclusive of agent). That patience was much appreciated and as the results show thus far, well worthwhile. Inspections can now resume, with some restrictions in place to remain aware of.

Firstly, masks MUST be worn at all inspections through to Sunday 22nd August, both inside and outside a home (except for children and those medically exempt). You can also expect more “air-fives” and elbow waving to be going on with handshakes once more off the cards for now.

All visitor must check in at both open homes and private inspections. Expect to see that familiar QLD check-in logo, though agents will also request the usual contact details as check-in details for the QLD app are not shared with agencies.

Open homes CAN go ahead, but there are strict occupancy limits in place – you’ll still get the chance to inspect, but there might be a short wait to go inside at particularly busy viewings. Maybe start with the gardens (or complex) while waiting to make the most of your time. If you like the property and think you might need more time, the agent should be only too happy to arrange a second walk-through for you privately.

As you head out to your inspections this weekend, don’t forget to keep supporting local – particularly those cafes, restaurants and boutiques that would have done it tough over the past week. Grab your coffee, your breakfast or lunch (or both) and happy house hunting.