Back to work

with a brolly

Well it’s the first official week back from what for many of us was a MUCH needed break and things are already picking up faster than usual, though to be fair they’ve really continued apace the whole way through, albeit in different segments of the market.

The traditional slowdown between Christmas and New Year, while felt in established homes, was definitely absent for land and new builds, with a last-minute rush as buyers sought to lock in the full $30,000 - $45,000 in Grants before this reduced back to $15,000 - $30,000 on the 1st January (my apologies and thanks again to the solicitors I bombarded with contracts in that time). The only thing that seemed to hold this up at the end was the lack of available and suitable land and the tight timeframes to have build contracts signed as well so it will be interesting to see how demand runs with the lesser (but still excellent) Grants now in place as new land is rushed to market.

The wet weather is nothing new for Cairns, though not particularly helpful for those looking to get their homes ready for sale. Expect soft ground and unruly gardens for the next couple of weeks, though this can be a great opportunity to get to work inside instead – declutter, touch up paint and the magic of silicone and grout to tidy up wet areas that can see this deteriorate. Given how often this comes up in Building and Pest reports, a bit of trial and error to sort it yourself is a LOT cheaper than having to deal with it later.

While we wait for the weather and suppliers to get back in order (this is not the week to be looking for a property photographer), this IS an excellent time to be finalising your choice of agent and your strategy for the coming weeks. Given what we have seen over the last few months and the continued interest from southern buyers looking to relocate, an earlier launch than usual might be in order to take advantage of current demand.  Going hard with digital is going to be more and more important this year, though print continues to have its place in the market, particularly with special homes.

2020 might not be everyone’s favourite year, but it did leave opportunity on the table for 2021 – let’s make the most of it!