A Final Rush to the Finish

And just like that, its December.

Don’t ask me how, because I feel like it should still be sometime back in July, but this year has flown out the door – though possibly not soon enough for some that would rather consign 2021 to the history books for its lockdowns, border closures and general challenges.

3 weeks out from Christmas, we have now passed the point of a new 2021 dated contract being settled before the New Year for the vast majority. A 30 day settlement these days is a fairly tight timeframe to hold to in the best of times, and as banks and solicitors wind up for the year, December is a popular month for contract extensions, as anything that isn’t finalised by Christmas Eve will essentially be held over for 2 weeks.

Pre-covid, we really would have been wrapping up the year in the next couple of weeks, with little if anything launched past the first week in December, this year however while you might not hand over the keys this side of the New Year, there is still plenty of opportunity to secure a contract and plan for a successful handover in the New Year.

Buyers have gotten used to transacting in new ways and at just about any time of the day or year, and with the pressure built up over the course of the year there is still a frenzy of activity that makes getting to market now a worthwhile exercise. Just 2 weeks out from domestic borders opening up (to the double vaccinated), there is further reason to expect a bumper level of activity, as locals rush to get in before the gates open, and southern buyers that have been waiting for an opportunity to actually see what they’re buying start planning their trips and inspections.

If you are considering making this final push in December, make sure you are quick off the mark to book in photography – as this is the crux of any good campaign and with photographers having worked as hard as everyone else this year, most will be taking a well-deserved break by mid-December. This is equally important for those planning a January start to beat the rush.

When you do get the photographer around though, do your best to get them in before the Christmas lights get too hectic – a winter wonderland is lovely, but does tend to date by Australia Day!