As things change

Have another think about that one street over

For many of us that have been in Cairns a long time, it's very easy to develop and maintain a pre-conceived impression of a place that can tar it long term – “Oh, I would never live there!”. In a changing city and changing market though, it might be worth a rethink.

Sometimes it takes a new project (or brand) to step an area out of its reputation – think Bluewater Marina – there weren’t too many multi-million dollar homes in Trinity Park before that. Palm Cove remains one of the most successful transformations, going from sleepy seaside village to what in better times has been a pumping beachfront paradise for locals and holidaymakers alike.

Other times it can be a more gradual growth as areas mature and both public and private enterprise look to new opportunities. Its these areas that can really bear greater scrutiny as without the fanfare we can often miss these changes as they occur and an excellent example is what we’re seeing on the south side of Cairns.

I can recall as a kid that Gordonvale felt like halfway to Innisfail and you would almost want a packed lunch for the trip out. Fast forward 20 years though and between advancing infrastructure and ever-expanding roadworks, this once remote township is feeling more and more like the suburb it so rightly is, complete with its own Woolworths and more (eventually…).

Edmonton, once known for sugar cane and peacocks more than anything else, now features growing shopping hubs, medical centres, multiple schools and a range of housing that would astound. You can still find the odd low-set bungalow below $300,000 but you are far more likely to find an attractive modern home in the $400,000s, acreage living $600,000 or above or even homes that eclipse the $1.5 million mark!

While land supplies were generally regarded as plentiful, the mad rush of Homebuilder et al has seen even this area come up tight on readily available land, exacerbated (though thankfully) by the ongoing affordability on offer compared to the northern beaches and city fringe suburbs. While this supply should see a restock towards the middle of the year, moving forward buyers will have to re-position themselves again for pricing (up) and lot sizes (down) as Cairns continues to fit its footprint.

So as you commit to another weekend of open homes in search of “the one”, have another think about that one street over, that little bit further. You might be amazed at what you’ll find.