Moving in the right direction

Once again I suffer the perils of writing a week in advance in competition with a 24 hour news cycle – while Monday morning the State election was fresh in everyone’s mind, the focus no doubt will now be on the results (or more likely, pending results) of the US election – here’s to sanity….

Coming back to more local matters, with the current government comfortably holding power we should see one thing that 2020 has lacked much of so far – stability! No great change of policies, and a continuation of the current attitude towards border control, for better or for worse.

NSW residents with the exception of Sydneysiders can now visit QLD freely, expanding on the previous border arrangements and re-introducing Cairns as both a holiday destination and a potential new home. While this isn’t the open doors that many were calling for it does at least point to a free border by December, provided that case numbers remain controlled as we have seen in recent weeks.

As Melbourne exits lockdown on their slow march to normality, we might see Victorians offered a similar roadmap to put us back on their destination list, though it will likely be close to Christmas before we see much more concrete information on this.

Now what does this border talk have to do with property? Well, potentially it has a lot to do with it. Traditionally we see November as the big month for decision making – buyers and sellers wanting things done by Christmas, leaving December to tidy up the leftovers rather than see too much new hit the market. Throw in a relaxed border and the potential for supercharged migration from southern states though, and we could be looking at a market that continues to charge through the holidays, bringing a bit more Christmas cheer to local owners.

Given an already strong market in many sectors and suburbs, this could also bring a wave of new competition, putting more pressure on local buyers to act quickly, before borders open and those buyers make their way here.

If you’re thinking of selling, now is definitely the time to be talking to your agent to get things underway, but if you were worried you might be too late…….well there might be time (and buyers) yet.