Expect delays, but look positive

Get in early!

We’ve been saying it about buying, we’ve definitely been saying it about renting, and now its equally applicable to those looking to sell – albeit for different reasons.

Between an early cyclone (that thankfully has brought us a bucket of rain but not much more) and the unpredictability of Omicron, this is shaping up as a year for everyone to be thinking well ahead when you need to do something important – and there are few fixtures as important as the sale of your home.

Technology is very forgiving, and in a pinch yes, you could photograph your home on your iPhone (ooh, filters!), do some quick digital decluttering and upload to portals like realestate.com.au within an hour, but if there is anything we have seen in 2021, its that those that don’t maximise presentation end up leaving money on the table (though they most likely will still sell).

Planning for success in this market means putting in the efforts that continue to pay off – the gardenwork, the declutter, the repainting, the touch ups and even the staging where appropriate. In an environment where the pieces of the puzzle (photographers, gardeners, removalists etc.) can potentially be out of the picture for a week at a drop of a hat, well… it means getting things organised that much earlier to allow for the unforeseen (which is quickly becoming the “anticipated, absent a firm timeframe”).

For those keen to get on market this month – you really want to be talking to your agent NOW if you haven’t already engaged someone, in order to make sure that you are booked in with contractors well in advance. Weather not playing nice? (let’s face it, this week it really hasn’t) take the opportunity then to instead focus on inside, even if its tackling the dreaded garage. Not a task for the faint of heart, that one – I don’t think I have had both cars in my garage since I moved in!

Looking instead to the more traditional March or April kick-off? Again, it wouldn’t hurt to plan now, or even start scheduling a regular tip run or charity drop off in the lead up. Depending on your plans, you also might not need to wait that long this year for a sale. With the local market already off to a strong start, there may well be plenty of opportunities earlier in the year. Nothing says “I love you” like a new home for Valentines, right?